Powder Coating
Powder Coating

Powder Coating

We undertake powder coating of small and large items in any volume offering a standard polyester finish although epoxy powder coating and epoxy/polyester powder coating finishes are also available. We primarily use Dupont, Interpon and Paramount powders although other types can be sourced to customer requirements. We also offer the Cromadex Extra Life finish which when pre-treated with a chromate conversion offers a guaranteed life expectancy of 16 years. Below is an overview of the powders and coatings we offer:

Dupont - Alesta Powder CoatingsDupont - Alesta Powder Coatings

We use the TGIC polyester powder coatings from Duponts Alesta Powder Coatings range. The TGIC polyester powders are designed for decorative & protective end service applications where exterior durability is a requirement. TGIC polyester powders offer good chemical & solvent resistance, Faraday cage penetration, out-gas resistance caused by substrate porosity, and scratch & mar resistance. Typical film thickness is 1.5-6.0 mils. DuPont Alesta Powder Coatings have over 180 colors matched to the European RAL standards. All products have been formulated for indoor and outdoor use and are high in gloss (70 to 80 units).

Salt Spray Resistance (ASTM B-117): Scribed Bonderite 1000 steel panels in a 5% salt fog at 95°F and 100% relative humidity, exhibit no undercutting of the film after 500 hours exposure. No rusting or blistering occurs on panel face away from scribe. After 1000 hours there is less than 1/16" undercutting. Alodine 1200 aluminium panels show no effect after 1000 hours.

Other Dupont - Alesta Powder Coatings: We also offer epoxy powder coatings and epoxy polyester powder coatings as required.

Akzo Nobel - Interpon Powder CoatingsAkzo Nobel - Interpon Powder Coatings

We use a range of Interpon powder coatings, predominantly the architectural polyester D600/610 range. D600 includes TGIC and D610 is TGIC free. The D600 range of polyester coatings is designed for exterior environments and offers excellent light and weather resistance from a single coat finish on a range of substrates. The enhanced heat resistance (excellent for continuous exposure up to 150°C) of Interpon 600 powders makes them ideal for use where colour retention on surfaces exposed to continuous heat is required. They are available in a wide range of colours gloss, satin, matt and textured effects and can be matched to users requirements.

Salt Spray Resistance (ASTM B-117): The Interpon 600 series passes a 250 hour salt spray test resulting in no corrosion creep more than 2mm from scribe.

Extra Life (16 year Life Expectancy) - Powder Coatings: We are certified users of the Cromadex Extra Life Coatings System. Our certificate can be seen here. The Extra Life powder coating system has an extensive track record throughout the World and is suitable for most types of light industrial applications. Environments include external urban and industrial atmospheres with moderate sulphur dioxide pollution and coastal areas with low salinity as well as internal environments such as production rooms, food processing plants, laundries, breweries and dairies. The treatment is good for aluminium which requires a chromate pre-treatment as well as mild steel which requires a phosphate pre-treatment and an intermediate (Interpon APP120).

Powder Coating

Paramount Powder CoatingsParamount Powder Coatings

Paramount powders use used jointly because of their high quality as well as the ease of obtaining relatively small batches of bespoke colour matches quickly. Paramount Polyester powders have been formulated to give hard durable finishes with very good mechanical, light and weather resistance properties ideal for the following applications:

Salt Spray Resistance: Paramount Powders polyester coatings pass more than 1000 hours salt spray testing with corrosion creepage less than 2mm from scribe .

Other Properties: Finishes available include smooth, leatherette, texture, stipple, hammer, metallic and toy regulation in RAL BS 4800 and BS 381C colours, as well as being matched to any colour you require. Other tests include:

Cross Hatch (1mm squares): No Loss of Adhesion
6mm Mandrel Bend (BS 3900 E1): No Loss of Adhesion
Impact test (BS 3900 E7); 40-60Kg/cm depending on colour and type
Pencil Hardness: 1H-4H depending on colour and type
Humidity (BS 3900 F2): 1000 hrs No effect
Water Soak (40 deg C): 1000 hrs No effect


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