Cutting Travel Expenses on Your Wedding Day

A honeymoon is basically a vacation taken by newlywed couple immediately after their wedding. These vacations are the perfect way to spend special time with one another and can be done in any part of the world. However, today honeymoons are being celebrated more frequently in more romantic destinations thought out specifically for that purpose. Couples prefer a destination that is closer to their hearts because it makes for a more memorable and intimate vacation. However, where should a couple begin their honeymoon? There are a few locations that rank higher than others in the excitement stakes.

The first place that usually comes to mind is a luxurious resort somewhere in the world. Whether it is the picturesque Swiss Chateau of Blackpool or the majestic Bed and Breakfast on the Isle of Sky, newlyweds have the opportunity to enjoy their time together to the fullest in the most romantic settings. The only problem is that these types of honeymoons tend to cost a bundle. For the same amount that one is paying for the wedding venue, hotels and meals, a couple is expected to cover other travel expenses, such as airfare, car rentals, special meals, and accommodations. That can add up quickly.

If a more affordable option is desired, then the next best choice is a hotel room. Although some couples opt to splurge and book a five-star, all-inclusive resort for their honeymoon, many simply don’t have the money for such lavish accommodations. If they opt to book an inexpensive hotel room in the area where the wedding will take place, then they will at least get the same luxury that they would have received in a larger hotel room. However, if they choose a more casual hotel room, such as a cozy breakfast nook on the beach, they will at least be able to save money. In addition to having the wedding reception in the area, many hotels offer packages that include transportation, wedding favors, and the reception and wedding party’s photos in the same package. This will greatly reduce a couple’s out-of-pocket expenses.

One way to cut costs even further is to consider doing everything else together as a couple. As opposed to booking a package deal, which leaves each party with a hefty bill, every couple must plan and pay for their own travel, accommodations, and honeymoon separately. While this may seem like an extreme way to plan a honeymoon, it can actually be much less expensive than arranging everything together.

To help minimize out-of-pocket expenses, couples can always consider taking a communal cruise. This is especially appealing to those who like to travel alone, or for those who want to experience something different than a traditional honeymoon. A cruise can be arranged for any destination, and cruise ship companies offer very low rates for groups traveling together. Not only does each person have their own stateroom, they also share the deck with others, making for a relaxing and intimate trip. Couples can enjoy romantic movies together, dine at a restaurant, and participate in activities that make for lasting memories.

Another way to save money on travel and honeymoon costs is to avoid putting tickets into the same envelope. When purchasing tickets, couples should put in separate envelopes for each individual ticket. It is common for couples to get “stuck” at a table when buying tickets, so it is helpful to go to several stores before purchasing. Some movie theaters also allow people to enter the theater before the show, so couples can plan their honeymoon accordingly. By avoiding buying tickets all in one fell swoop, individuals can save a considerable amount of money.

One way to cut out travel expenses is to include everyone in the budget for a special honeymoon gift. The honeymoon couple may decide to choose something special to give each other, whether it be a personalised engraved necklace personalised monogrammed gifts, or a unique spa gift package. Everyone loves something unusual or different, so it helps to know which things a couple wants for their honeymoon. By doing some research online, a couple can find unique gift ideas that are available to them and will make for an exceptional honeymoon.

Before booking a honeymoon, newlyweds should look into what the destination offers. By doing this, they will have a better idea of where they want to stay, eat, and explore. Honeymooners’ lodge is the perfect choice for couples who are travelling during the off-season because most lodges are booked up during peak honeymoon times. Newlyweds will also find that some destinations offer more for less, making it possible to have the perfect vacation while spending less.