What is a GPS Dog Fence?

If you are wondering what is a GPS dog fence, you’ve come to the right place. We have reviewed the best gps wireless dog fences available to include all the pros and cons. Read on to find out what makes them different. There are a few things to look for in a GPS dog fence. You can download an app to your smartphone and walk with your dog. You’ll be able to keep an eye on your dog even if there’s no cellular signal.

Wireless Halo Dog Collar -GPS Dog Fence

If youre looking for a gps dog fence around your yard but have trouble keeping your dog in one place, the wireless Halo dog collar may be the right choice for you. This collar is very easy to install and requires only a smartphone and an app to be used. Your dog is not required to be on a leash at all times. Once the collar is installed, you can use the app to keep an eye on your dog and send notifications whenever your dog stray.

The Halo dog collar uses a shock-based training method and comes with a built-in training app. Each Halo collar comes with a 21-day training program, which starts with an indoor training regimen and gradually moves outdoors. Afterwards, users can subscribe to additional training packages. The monthly subscription costs anywhere from $2.70 to $399, depending on the plan level. The basic model costs about $10 per month.

The Halo Collar uses GPS and GNSS to track your dog’s location. You can set the frequency at which the collar plays prevention feedback, warning messages, and emergency notifications. This allows you to see patterns in your dog’s behavior and identify potential issues. The Halo Collar also features a built-in app that gives you detailed information on your dog’s behavior. As an added benefit, the Halo collar also lets you customize the app and send you notifications about your dog’s health.

SpotOn gps dog fence

Unlike other GPS-based fences, the SpotOn GPS dog fence is not dependent on cellular or wifi service to work. Rather, it uses GPS technology to recognize your dog’s location within a 3-mile radius. You don’t need to install any hardware, just download the SpotOn app on your smartphone and take your dog for a walk with the collar. This collar controls the integrity of the GPS fence, so it will keep working even when there is no cellular service.

Setting up SpotOn GPS dog fences is easy – all you have to do is walk your dog along the boundary line, and the system will automatically create a GPS fence. Once you have completed the boundary, you can train your dog to follow your commands by teaching the device to use its tones. You can also monitor your dog from your phone. The SpotOn GPS dog fence is a flexible system that allows you to monitor your dog from anywhere. It is also much cheaper than a real fence, and it is easy to transport and install.

Strommi GPS wireless dog fence

The Strommi GPS wireless dog fence has a digital display, a handheld unit that can be used to control the entire system, and topo maps to customize the dog-safe area. The device can be configured to send alerts or recall the dog if the boundaries are crossed. It can also measure the distance and speed of your dog. Its GPS technology is easy to set up and it will work for dogs over 10 pounds.

The spotOn smart fence is easy to use, with a button on the collar that you hold while walking the perimeter you’d like your dog to stay within. It can also be used with a default circular boundary. It uses three satellite navigation systems, as well as patented True Location(tm) GPS technology, which connects to more than 24 satellites. It never wrongly corrects your dog for returning home, and it has three modes to suit every situation.


The SpotOn GPS dog fence tracks your dog’s location every six seconds. The collar emits a loud beep which scares your dog into staying inside the boundary line. In addition to a loud beep, the collar has a painless static charging option. This feature is helpful for dogs who are not bothered by loud noises or those with hearing problems. Nonetheless, the system is not perfect and needs some training.

The Halo 2 collar comes with a small beacon that you can install near your dog’s collar to prevent him from entering certain areas. The SpotOn GPS dog fence is also very good. The GPS dog fence works with the SpotOn app, and you only need to walk the perimeter of your property with the device and your smartphone. This system uses GPS technology to track your dog’s location, and it works without cell towers or wifi.

SpotOn 2

Depending on the model, the SpotOn Collar may emit a beep or static shock when your dog crosses the virtual boundary. Its static shock feature can help deter your dog from wandering away. The collar is also optional and does not automatically go off if it detects a dog who is outside the perimeter. However, it is recommended that you train your dog to stop straying before it gets to that point.

To use the SpotOn GPS dog fence, all you have to do is set up the boundary line, hold the collar in your hand, and then walk the perimeter of the property. When you reach obstacles, pause the GPS mapping function and resume mapping on the other side of the boundary. This method works well even if your dog wanders off to explore the neighborhood. It also lets you know when your dog crosses into the street, which will help prevent an unwanted escape.

AngelaKerry gps dog fence

The AngelaKerry GPS Dog Fence has several advantages. It’s waterproof and rechargeable, and its GPS positioning technology makes it more accurate than wire fences. Because the fence keeps your dog within an adjustable area, you can use it to train your dog to stay in the yard. It has five levels of sensitivity and shuts off after 20 seconds. However, it’s best for training dogs to stay on a property near the house, rather than in the yard.

An AngelaKerry GPS dog fence is an inexpensive, easy to install solution for keeping your pet safely contained. It works on a GPS location, which allows you to set an 800-metre radius. Because of its precision, it’s less susceptible to interferences and holes in the fence. With this system, you can set the boundaries exactly where you want them. There’s no need to keep trying to find the right place for your dog, as you’ll know exactly where they’re at any given moment.