All About Pre Probate Leads

If you are looking for pre probate leads, you’ve come to the right place. Newspapers and public records are some of the best sources for probate leads. You can also try direct mail campaigns or integrate your CRM with them. Newspapers are great resources for pre probate leads, because they often list deceased locals and their executors. Contact these people to inquire about the property you may have inherited. These leads can be a great way to find a great deal or make a great sale. Classifieds older than a month are also a great source.

Public records

In most cases, you will find pre-probate leads in a property’s public record. However, it is not always the case. Some leads can end up in probate court because they are joint property. To get an edge over your competition, it’s helpful to have pre-probate leads in your database. There are several advantages to this method of obtaining these leads. In addition to locating properties in pre-probate status, you’ll also be able to contact the relevant parties involved in a deal.

Probate leads are also useful for investing in real estate. These leads can be obtained from probate courthouses. You can also get in touch with executors of deceased locals. Direct mail is an effective way to contact these executors and inquire about inherited properties. For an even more personal touch, you can send a mailer with a short introduction of yourself and your business.


Probate real estate leads are the last major untapped segment of the real estate market in the US. This niche is growing rapidly due to several factors. First of all, pre-probate leads can be highly targeted. Newspapers, for example, often list properties and contact details for executors. These leads can be contacted to inquire about the inherited property or to find a great deal. Newspapers that are more than a month old contain the freshest leads.

Probate leads are also useful for investors looking to find potential investment properties. They represent an important life event that may represent a high-quality investment opportunity for motivated and court-appointed sellers. Additionally, the distress in a life event indicates a potential deal. In order to identify such deals, investors should start with obituaries. This type of information will show them the deceased person’s relationships, as well as any relevant real estate assets.

Direct mail campaigns

When it comes to building a direct mail campaign, you must understand that probate leads are an extremely active market. As such, you must have a multi-touch strategy to make sure you get the right leads. Probate leads need a different type of approach than investors and financial services. While an investor may send a short, aggressive letter, probate leads need a different kind of appeal. This means that you should be empathetic but also employ formal messaging. Yellow Letters Complete offers full-service campaign support.

In order to build a direct mail campaign, you must have a clear message to get your message across. Getting a message across to your target audience can be tricky, so make sure to be clear and catch their attention. Don’t use broad messages that will simply get thrown out. You should make your message clear and bold, so that it can be easily read. Using a good font and eye-catching pictures will increase the chances of attracting the attention of the recipients.

CRM integration

Whether you are a Realtor, real estate agent, or other service provider, pre probate leads are a valuable source of information. These leads are typically the result of a legal process in which a person’s property is transferred to the heirs. When this occurs, the person can sell the property as long as they meet certain criteria. CRM integration for pre probate leads can help you track these leads, and make them more valuable for your business.

The CRM integration for pre probate leads can also be a great way to track your calls and keep track of case status. Some probate leads systems even include a built-in CRM for the user. The CRM allows you to save any case you receive as a lead and update it when it’s time to follow-up on that case. Using this integrated system can help you increase your sales volume, as well as improve your efficiency.


Using pre-probate leads can be extremely beneficial in many ways. They allow you to save a lot of time and energy that you would have spent visiting a courthouse yourself. Typically, you will be able to close one or two deals per year, which is an excellent ROI. You should check the state laws to determine the timeframe of probate before you purchase leads, as these vary greatly from state to state.

For example, US Probate Leads claims to offer probate leads for all counties in the United States. They are a company that has been in business for over twelve years and charge $150 a month for 25 leads. If you need more leads, you can pay a custom price for the entire county. They also have other services, such as divorce and relocation leads, and integrate with a vulcan dialer.