Aesthetic Clinics by Dr Ayad

Aesthetic clinics operated by Dr. Ayad offer non-surgical and surgical treatments to improve the appearance of your face. The services offered include non-surgical cosmetic surgery as well as skin rejuvenation. For a consultation, interested patients are advised to contact Dr Ayad’s practice.

Non-surgical nose jobs for the nose

Dr Ayad offers a variety of non-surgical and plastic surgery options to improve the appearance of the skin. The clinic also offers a variety of nonsurgical treatments such as nose jobs. The doctor will discuss the options and costs for each procedure.

Dr. Ayad has pioneered nonsurgical techniques to improve the appearance of the nose. His signature nonsurgical procedure is the injection of specific Hyaluronic acid gel at specific points on the nose. This creates a straighter profile, softens the skin, and gives it a lifted appearance. This procedure is fast and safe, as well as producing beautiful results.

3 Point Rhino Technique

The 3-point Rhino technique is a distinct procedure that can only be carried out in a facility that offers facial surgery. This technique has been developed by Dr. Ayad Harb who is the leading expert in non-surgical nose surgery. He performs more than 2000 non-surgical nose surgeries every year, and also trains other practitioners on this cutting-edge technique.

Aesthetic clinics run by Dr Ayad also offer the well-known endolift procedure that is minimally invasive, and helps to increase the elasticity of the skin. This procedure is safe and quick with very little downtime. It is one of the best procedures to those who want immediate results.

Treatments for skin rejuvenation

Aesthetic clinics operated by Dr. Ayad provide a range of facial rejuvenation treatments that improve the appearance of the body and face. These treatments include chemical peels as well as laser treatments. Certain conditions like sun exposure, aging, and other factors cause wrinkles in the skin. Some of these include wrinkles, acne scars, visible blood vessels, and the loss of firmness or tone. There are a variety of treatment options for each of the issues to ensure you get the best outcome for your skin.

GenXLift is an extremely popular facelift that lets patients combine multiple treatments in one procedure. This procedure includes fat transfer to restore volume and youthfulness and a facelift with a short scar and laser therapy.

Dr. Ayad’s clinics for aesthetics

Dr Ayad’s Aesthetic Clinics offer a variety surgical procedures for the body, face and body contouring. These procedures include liposuction lifting of the brow, and removal of buccal fat. They also offer other services such as hearing correction, lumps and bumps removal and Gynecomastia. Their goal is to restore the natural beauty of their patients and boost their self-esteem.

Dr Ayad Harb is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon and Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons. He is an expert in nonsurgical rhinoplasty, created the 3 Point Rhino Technique, and pioneered the practice of non-surgical rhinoplasty. aesthetics clinic Ascot straightens and lifts the nose. In fact, Dr. Ayad performed the first UK-based non-surgical rhinoplasty live on ITV’s This Morning.