How to Choose the Best Options Trading Alert Service

You need to be aware of the different strategies used by the best options trading alert service. The most basic strategy is to follow the alerts sent by the service. You may want to try a free trial before you decide on one. This will give you an opportunity to check their trading performance. If you are not comfortable with trading on your own, you can invest in a training course to learn about options and how they work. This will help you become an expert trader.

The best options trading alert service will send you notifications in real-time and will tell you when to buy or sell an option. The alerts will also tell you when the price has reached a certain target selling price. Many services also have social components to allow you to interact with other traders and learn from their mistakes. These services are a great tool for those new to trading and beginners alike. To choose the best options trading alert service, consider these three features:

Benzinga Pro: This stock screener app offers charting, unusual options, activity scans, and community chat rooms. The new addition is an options mentorship program. The founder of this service also offers educational material. This service has a profit guarantee of 100%, 50 trades a year, and monthly results. The annual membership plan costs $1,999. Before you make a decision on a service, try out a free trial.

Motley Fool Options: This service was started in 2009 and has a proven track record. Over the last decade, it has a profitable rate of 86 percent. Motley Fool Options only targets top-notch businesses. Unlike some other options trading alert services, this service sends out its alerts via email and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. The service also has a winning streak. However, it does not have the most user-friendly interface.

The Trading Analyst: This service offers two to five real-time trade alerts per week for $147. They also provide email support and education. The company claims to use mathematics to help you make profitable trades. Its founder, Eric Ferguson, is a graduate of Standford and scored an SAT in Math. His trading strategies are proven to produce profits and minimize risk. You may want to check out this service if you’re just starting out in the world of options trading.

Sky View Trading: While the company offers an options trading alert service that focuses on education, the company isn’t known for its user-friendly interface. However, their trader community forum is very active. Members of this community can discuss strategies and share tips. The downside of this service is that it is expensive and requires significant capital to hold your positions. You’ll need to invest significant money to get started, but the rewards are well worth the money.

Optionsonar: A subscription to Optionsonar allows you to track institutional smart money with its proprietary algorithm. This service also tracks unusual options activity, which shows that major news is being communicated to market players. Users can create a watch list for their favorite stocks and use different filters to tailor their alerts. The premium version costs $35 per month and includes additional tools like the Unusual Activity Scanner.